Our specificities

Optimized taxation

Our French Overseas Collectivity allows companies without local activity.

The taxation for these companies is simple:

  • No corporate income tax
  • No tax on dividends
  • No VAT
  • No social contributions

The only taxation is the “Tax on Companies without Local Activity“: 8.360€ per year.

This tax is fixed, whatever the profits or the turnover.

Security and peace of mind

Your assets belong to you, you associate freely.

We are approved for the domiciliation of companies without local activity by the Prefecture:

  • Juridiction of France
  • Accounting is mandatory
  • No web registry

A simple administration:

  • Banking partners, in euros or foreign currencies
  • 100% remote access
  • No need for a visa
  • Choice to use, or not, our accounting services

Our expertises

We offer dedicated services to our crypto customers:

Specialized accounting

Mining, Arbitrage, Trading, Stacking, Lending…

Compliance setup

According to the rules applicable in this matter…

Financial expertise
Valuation of realized or unrealized gains…

Audit, management, consulting, support…

Bank accounts

Assistance in opening bank accounts…

Tax declarations

France: simulations, assistance with tax controls, accompaniment… Other countries: on request.

For example, taking into account complex operations (stacking, donations, masternodes, airdrop, CFD…)…

We manage all cryptos

Our customers use a recognized and reliable online software, compatible with all platforms and protocols of the international crypto ecosystem. Then we do your accounting.


transactions for a single customer


managed platforms

>3 Bn$

transactions analyzed


monitored cryptos

A word from Philippe:

Public accountant and auditor, partner and founder of Wallis Fiscal Crypto:

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“By domiciling your companies on our territory, you will benefit from our expertise in the crypto ecosystem and from a tax transparency at French and European standards. An added value that distinguishes us from the “nebulous” tax solutions offered by other marketplaces. Note that our clients only move to Wallis if they wish: our management is 100% dematerialized.”

Our prices are clear

Contact us for a quote adapted to your situation

Crypto analysis
According to my needs
on quotation
/ analysis

Personalized accounting, fiscal and patrimonial audit

Operational recommendations

Quantified simulations

Specific studies: ICO, NFT, KYC…

Technical expertise

Annual Package
Domiciliation and accounting
6 000€
/company (from)

Registered office in Wallis and Futuna. Eligibility for local taxation

Crypto Accounting

Balance sheet and annexes

Minutes of the AGM and Annual Legal

Options: Tax, strategic, HR, technical advice…

Price before taxes (no VAT in Wallis-et-Futuna).

Our agreements:

Accreditation for domiciliation

The Prefect, by his decree 2021-541 of June 1st, 2021, has formally given approval to our accounting firm to carry out the activity of domiciliation of companies having no local activity in Wallis and Futuna, while allowing them to benefit from the exceptional taxation of this Overseas Collectivity.


Approval for remote tax filing

For tax residents in metropolitan France who wish to do so, our office is authorized to file their income tax returns.

Compliance with international financial regulations

We comply with French and international laws against money laundering and terrorist financing. In particular, we comply with the requirements of the Tracfin service attached to the French Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Contact us and benefit from services adapted to your needs.

Lawyers and accountants, ask for our dedicated offers for consultants and their clients.

Specify: Mail, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Signal, Messenger, Imo…

Wallis Fiscal Crypto is a service developed by the

ECW Accounting and Corporate Domiciliation Office

Authorization of domiciliation of companies number 2021-541 of June 1st, 2021